Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Alien/dinosaur creature.

This was made in a single day last week in order to teach my girlfriends brother how I go about using blender and Zbrush. Although the model was relatively simple I am quite pleased with the result.

The process of creating the final model involved polygonal modeling which then lead to sculpting in Zbrush to get more of the shape and feel for the creature that I had in my head. After the sculpting had taken place I exported the base mesh back out into blender to UV unwrap. This step perhaps should have been done in the first place while creating the initial mesh. Then after UVing the mesh is then sent back into Zbrush where the texture is painted using poly-paint. The next step was to bake the texture and displacement map out of zbrush. The final step is the applying materials and such in blender and setting up a displace modifier.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Some digital painting

I got inspired to just draw something yesterday after watching a rig demonstration for a character called "Cenk" on Vimeo. I started the painting not knowing what I was going to draw but after applying a few strokes ideas started to flow. I think, at first I envisaged that the character to be some kind of alien in a generic t pose ( I don't know why I would do that in a painting, not very interesting I know)
Total time on this piece was about 5-6 hrs, I wasn't really aware of the passing of time.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Mini model

This is a model I started back in September last year when I started to use Blender as my main modeling tool. The plan initially was to have at least one car in my demo reel, so this is what I set out to do. I have learned a lot from making such a model but I made many mistakes in it's creation, and if I were to redo the project there would be certain things I would do differently. The main thing being that I would really, really, really finalize the shape and make sure I'm completely happy with it before moving into detail. It is however the most fun I've had modeling since university and would really like to do a similar project in the near future to exercise what I have learned.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


The hair style of my Manuel character has somewhat drastically changed since the previous post. The reason behind changing the hair is rather obvious, the hair was ugly. Ok, I'm not one for blabbering on so that's all for this post.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

work experience and update on Manuel

Time for a little update.

Work Experience.

Hello, I recently completed my two week work experience at an award winning animation studio in Sheffield called Red Star. During my time there I learned so much and had such a great time. I was able to build upon my modeling capabilities and extend them with the help of everyone especially the head of assets modeling, John Griffiths. John taught me a lot in uving and texturing using Modo. I was also responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the offices, running errands and making cups of tea and coffee for everyone. I really had an amazing time there, a great experience. Thanks guys!

Manuel Update

The model has been finalized yesterday and sent off to Andre Anjos in order to rig. Changes that I had made to the model are, the hair topology (very small change) and the nose of the character. I didn't really like how the nose looked before even though I was going after the kind of nose on the Presto character I think that the nose I have now work better for the character. Preparing the character for sending was to organize the model by making sure the naming system worked and wasn't confusing, grouping thing that could be grouped such as the eye, iris and pupil.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Goblin Sculpt - zbrush

This is a sculpt I did a while ago when I decided that I needed to do some serious organic modeling/sculpting to better my demo-reel. Here is a few render of the final sculpt straight from zbrush.

Manuel the waiter WIP update 1

(belt, she laces, waistcoat added)

(Interior of the mouth.)

So since the last entry I have been diligently working on the belt, shoe laces and waistcoat. I didn't really spend too much time on them to be honest but that's because there's not that much to these parts. However I am now working on the mouth and the teeth and is vastly more complex but still relatively simple, just time consuming.